Wild Carpathia Org.  Response to Covid - 19

10K+ team members

our goal is 10k Happy TSA all over the world earning $10k ASAP

$70+ Millions in savings

Elements & Features

No. 1

World's fastest growing networking company of all time

Maximum reliability rating reached is 75% so far for Ellev8  movement so we joined the dream that makes people free.


We both value our time, so let me get right to it. 40k people are using a system and the same technology that they give away. This free high end technology gets them huge commissions and they support our foundation with the extra money they make. This company has come up with a unique concept that you can manage on your laptop or the mobile phone.

Whether you believe it or not this time, you can make money without SELLING, CONVINCING OR RECRUITING, and were are here as proof that huge rewards come back.

The concept piqued our interest.

The fact that you’re reading this right now means you are interested in, or curious to know more about working from the phone, home or another modern way. We promote a unique way to use this system and we made it mobile-friendly.

You may have been pursuing your dreams based on old traditional methods and getting advice from people that don’t have the results you want. We’ve been there.

So, let’s handle that first…


You feel stuck with the lack of knowledge and information to start making the Big Bucks from home.
You’ve tried so many other opportunities in the past and you’re sick of the frustration of trying to get positive results.
You feel you haven’t had the right product or service to introduce to the market that could accelerate your success.
You want the opportunity to earn Six-Figures a year from home, but you’re lost on what to do.
You’re Sick & Tired of your job and you need to change to get out of the financial rut you’re in.


This opportunity is truly at the ground floor level because we are doing something unique that has never been done before.
Right Now, Timing is Everything!!!

Unlike most opportunities these days, the product we offer does not require you to sell.
We offer it FREE and recruiting is optional.
Our team assists you with getting results FAST even thou we want to PROVE that it is so SIMPLE that it can be done with the use of SMARTPHONE
We have Top Notch systems, marketing, tools, and resources to help you reach new and higher income goals.

(Results may vary depending on your personal efforts yet we share this load with a DONE FOR YOU SYSTEM that is based on artificial intelligence. This is our money spiting machine, that splits our team rewards. Use it and we guarantee you will exceed the average expectations.)

What Does Wild Carpathia do?

Re Asure your future - New lease on life 

Due to Corona Lockdown all assets and even our headquarters in Sighisoara is now available online only.. From a safe distance we provide the tools and know-how required for one to keep going and realise his or her dreams. If you are not ready for a change just close this website. 

We've Done some Amazing Jobs

Thank You!

Re Invent Yourself

Life experience for change

HEAL our First Project



Flagship Initiative

IDEEAS Network

Is a dedicated page created by Wild Carpathia staff where the EVS accredited partner associations from different countries can meet and exchange “Good Practice IDEAS”, hints, solutions, advices, difficult situations that they managed to overcome, or any other useful informations.


Achieving a minimum of 200 local youth beneficiaries and informing them about the project topic – physical, psychological and mental well being and promoting the importance of volunteering and the concept of “healthy lifestyle”

“Transylvanian Civil Service”

TCS is in the forefront promoting Sighisoara, but at the same time urging young people to engage in activities based on ecological education through non-formal methods, interactive workshops and various activities designed to increase the degree of responsibility towards the environment

This time is About us

You Make Sirius 

money with us.

All this time we were looking for support to build bigger projects. Now we share our know how and build a team to fight the damage of Corona. Take a good look at your life and if there is a nice and loving person you see, respect for you and your life. If you are not satisfied with your life, health, finance, social life or anything else you should definitely join our 10K Project. Together with our team of ambassadors we plan to grow to 10000 members this year. 2020 is going to be in the books of history and so are we. Ambassadors for Greatness.  

visit www.bypasstosuccess.com and details there are going to be enough for you to decide for a better life.

I am Sirius B Negrei ( Black )  and this is my 41-nd project and  maybe the last one. See you on the mountain tops or on the beaches of this awesome planet.

sirioos.ibuumerang.com - referral link for my team

make money when people save money

over 1Mill location to give you cash

our aim

Help save 

we provide 35% discount on travel for now. PRIB comes in contact with you and sends our best prices on travel services and products. Next tech we promote will help save money on different ways. Want to save on your next trip? Drop us a line to get a free code -buumerang and you start saving.

About us

Help make

those who need an income are welcome to join our team. $10k / month is our goal for all our team members. 10k members with an income of $10k monthly. Take it or leave it. This is the offer that we launched at Vision 2020 n=and we back it all up with The Grind. The Grind is design to get you up at 06:00 for the first step and the ones that get to our advanced progrm and qualify for leadership get up at 04:00. Trust me when I say this: this is going to be huge. SirioosTeam is growing fast. Join A.S.A.P.  You get all the tools needed and the support desk to lean on. 

join at: https://sirioos.ibuumerang.com