Our emotional fitness

Our training and coaching experts will help you to train smart, lose the weight and get into perfect shape. 

Mind set of Emotional Weight loss

Our training's experts will help you to train smart, lose the weight  (at first emotional load) and get into perfect shape for star achiever program. 

Self help training

We have selected a fitness expert training for your goals and style of training. Maximum results and comfort are guaranteed.

Breath training, stretching and other types of fitness group sessions. Don't let your friends to miss out on the fun! 

Product presentation at live event performed 

by Sir. Holton Buggs. 

Group sessions Mandatory

Money is the Game. Keep Calm and listen to the vision of this guy. This is going to be an event that will change your life and the life of those around you 

$100k Ring Earner 

Karla got the ring at vision.

Diamonds, we got your back. 

Powerlifting and overload logistics

Want to become a complete athlete counsciousness? We are at your service! Our powerlifting competition is a regular event. Daily our family is growing and we recognize the people who achieved financial independent.

This is for fish and elephants

After Corona sets Discount 50% for members. Free for During Corona 4 freshminds.

Only this week you can purchase a 1-year membership and get a 50% discount! This promo is valid for all membership types. This year all are welcomed free.

Our prices

We offer membership packages with wide range of services. 

Standard membership

2 000

  • Cost-effective option for those who don't like to overspend.
  • Unlimited training time
  • Shower room
  • Franchise - "Maybe"

Advanced membership

5 000

  • This option is for those who want to train by customized training program.
  • Unlimited training time
  • Light Shower room
  • Personal Sun Gasing
  •  Personal training trainer

Luxury membership 

10 000

  • Maximum features included. No limits, best results.
  • All types of training programs
  • Personal trainer training
  • Emotional Nutrition expert consultations
  • Sun Moorgsin

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