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old Chinese Taoist story

A farmer in a poor country village. He was considered very well-to-do, because he owned a horse which he used for plowing and for transportation. One day his horse ran away. All his neighbors exclaimed how terrible this was, but the farmer simply said "Maybe." A few days later the horse returned and brought two wild horses with it. The neighbors all rejoiced at his good fortune, but the farmer just said "Maybe." The next day the farmer's son tried to ride one of the wild horses; the horse threw him and broke his leg. The neighbors all offered their sympathy for his misfortune, but the farmer again said "Maybe." The next week conscription officers came to the village to take young men for the army. They rejected the farmer's son because of his broken leg. When the neighbors told him how lucky he was, the farmer replied "Maybe." . . .


The meaning that any event has depends upon the "frame" in which we perceive it. When we change the frame, we change the meaning.  

reframe questions

Where would you go if you could pay 70% less on TRAVEL? 

 Do you Buumerang?

 What is Sirius? 

 ( Answers "MAYBE" appear by the end of this page.)

sure was my story

06.Now available on Mobile Phone - just pay to see the Awesome features

we do smart. We mobile

Someone is going to upgrade his life with this self-help system. So, now the sistem is here and the one to upgrade might as well be YOU OR THE NEXT ONE.

What we did?

We created a system so simple that does 99% of the work for you. Just send someone to our CALL, show them this tutorial and go on to the next person. Do not try to convince anyone as they maybe not ready, just yet, for something this big. If you convince them today you need to do it again tomorrow. The same effort is needed to enroll 100 people in the team as it is to convince someone not ready. Some Launch with us and some will join us later. Remember: SIRIOOS IS THE NEW BLACK.

The first system to do the follow up, Cross and Upp-sell , and even incentives

JUST SHOW THEM THE PRIB IS ON DOING  THE TEAM BUILDING AND MONITORING. YOU ONLY ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL AND MODERN WAY TO DO BUSINESS with Sirioos. As Apple has Siri and Amazon has Alexa so we have the PRIB. The difference is that the PRIB is not only an A.I. Software. The PRIB is a PERPETUAL RESIDUAL INCOME BUILDER because this is what it does. INCOME. Read carefully all info and use the self check online button and the PRIB takes over and guides your every step of this journey.

Huge Industry 

$8 Trillions


See /MND8

make world "Sirioosly" better

WHen reframed youR LIFE, becomes EASy to lead others. Maybe.

20-21 lockdown made the world react in a Surprising way.

Most of us did somethings and we learned or saw it as good and used it until someone else came and prove another view. That is maybe a reframe.   We are building something Greater than anything we have done before.  Care to spend 101% efficient the next period of time?    Hmm... ?  Maybe this is for you to...


 This is the First LIFE Business PROJECT we organise online. This call is going to bring hundreds of team members. Everyone is rewarded for team building and data base growing. The first to join gets the best rewards. Whose time you waste?  Be Sirioos !!! Estimated reward "BOUNTY" is $300/ year/ per free user acquired and if you care to build and organisation, pfuu.... The PRIB is a money spitting machine that juiced already $80MILLIONS in prelaunch. We make money ONLY when people save money. All preparations were made from 03.2019 to today. 22.01.2022. 

And now we launch on 25. 01.!


Regardless of your skills and abilities our team requires nothing but Voluntary Implication and Smile. V.I.S.  The rest is on our team. Lessons easy to practice from the first time. All interactive. Daily wellness habits are a big part of this experience, on request and one your own speed you get new lessons but feedback meeting are mandatory.

Healthy diet, Postural Rebalance and/or Therapy, Mindset Design Programming and Outdoor group activities are some of our TEARS tools that are to be shared with all. Ambassadors get a unique business degree. Surprise... 


Remember this: "If you decide today  to give away for 10 years  whatever is you produce, by tomorrow you have the money needed for the rest of your life". 

The only business I built big, was the one I gave knowledge for free and of which I did not know the people when they registered for our projects. By the end, some moved back, got married, got good jobs but most of all would like to get another chance to get back in Wild Carpathia.  This is my life and I love to educate and play mind-changing games with people. NGO work proved that PEOPLE ARE AMAZING but their behaviour is mad. We changed that for our volunteers and now we show it to the world. 

Only together as a team we can change that! MAYBE this year... 


This time we've partnered up with A.I. for this business project. The Ambassador Mindset of iBuumerang is going to ReFrame Your VISION and just let the PRIB do the work for you. That's why it is Named a Perpetual Residual Income Builder because it builds income for you. Like it so far? HIH?

Entire training course is divided in specific parts to be very easy to learn and apply Upgrades for R.

     The PRIB is doing 99% of the work.

 2% is your EFFORT. But the 2% has to be done.  

Recommended upgrades are available on :     


Why Sirioos Project ?

Most people today have a Veil over their eyes, Stone Hearts and some Still Look up as if they have shackles around their necks.  Some go on like this until pain, Some Quit and go 9-FIVE but there are Some that CHANGE easier and for LESS. They settle up for less and learn to achieve more. I GO 4 LESS.

 This "TEST" will explain and help find out your TYPE. 

 Financial, Vocational and Social sides are being upgraded as you read. "Maybe you can GO 4 LESS" & take it as a human app. 3.0 upgrade. 

Get "8X" or even "DARE to DREAM BIG" as an Open Minded. 

Yes, you are about to be an APP. We teamed up and learn how to apply the change in our lives. This maybe called an app. Wright

Hey, it is nice to have you here. Everyone warned me that at around the age of 40+ the middle age crisis is going to kick in. So i decided to Dare to DREAM big even if it looks like I'm going crazy. This is a call for action for my Friends an/or volunteers but all are welcomed. Maybe. 2023 I will help with Reframe of  10 People and some of the issues out there with Sirioos Move.  Saw it as support during Corona time and if you want just an opportunity to change your life.  So what? Someone is always waiting.

Details in the info pack >>>  

This maybe seen as a follow up on Wild Carpathia ORG. Projects but this time we MOVE the planet.  Maybe...



yOur tools are our work

Not all Classrooms have four walls

this is our commitment to you

We MAKE money only when People make money

This system is designed to be used by ordinary people and allows them with consistent effort to achieve great goals

YOU Have the CHANCE TO TAKE our ELLEV8 as a LIFE saving COURSE

this year's tRADING industry business count down

$8 Trillion / Day trading industry - 40474+Fight Back arround the World, 


#RCSL - Romanian Counter Strike League

tens of thousands

Participation options

If you are willing to pay the "Price" for the life you want, it doesn't mean you get it. If you are not willing to work for it, you deserve the one you live. 



secure seat
You are getting:

x monthly Membership 

x Sirioos Training

x Executive Coaching

x Mindset 2.0

x Motivational tools

x Grind Program

x Sirioos rewards

requirement: V.I.S. certified


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You are getting:

x Sirioos Training

x Ellev8 Legacy Management 

x GEAR expert tools

V.I.P. Coaching

x iGo Diamond Mindset

x Motivational tools

x Grind Program

x Comp Plan mentoring

Business EX8 Group  

Trading EX8 Group

PRIB.A.I max profit training

Born for Greatness - One Shout experience


Take your places, get ready...
You are getting:

x Team Registration

 x First Class Training 

 x iGo Diamond Mindset

 x Motivational tools 

 x Grind Program 

 x First Class Coaching

Born for Greatness Full

 from business life expert 

Ambassador Mara MeDelete

Reviews of successful Ambassadors

Projects built from  the heart of Walahia, Sighisoara Fortress City



6 AUG, 2023

just take it on tape


Varful Toaca

Born for Greatness

wildcarpathia org is hosting Sirioos Team trainings Since  Corona time (covid-19 /SARS Cov2) as financial, social and health support

We are here to save the world from its self.

while for some there is enoughrain, we are the others that cross the border line and build up more rain to start a STORM. This time I build a Team so Sirioosly Fun that it will Make the Planet Smile. Do you smile? It is all it takes to join our Move. And yes, Someone will join anyway. So it might as well be you.

Join Sirioos EX8 Team and PROVE you are BORN 4 GREATNESS

 Mirroring happy people is maybe unpredictable but it saves lives.

When the neural connections that physically define our belief system are not strongly developed or active then our counciosness, the unity of all the separate active circuits at that moment may consist mainly of activity related to our mirror neurons.

if they only listened and see what we see

Go Forth - the Next 9 Videos will change your life

fight & Covid 19
Fun is Our Business. And LOVE is our tool.
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Work from home has been updated. Now you do it on your Mobile. "Read all , do it yourself program" is the best option for you to lean on something strong.   


Answers to reframe questions: 

Reframes:     NomadTraders   travel&Trade   Yes iBuumerang.  Sirius is the brightest  star in the night sky and also my name.  

Nice to meet you again.  How was heaven?